Hello! My name is Lucas :)
I am a Brazilian graphic and web designer based in Vancouver-BC.
When I was 11 I had my first contact with a software called Adobe Photoshop that could manipulate images. I loved it and did my best to learn, all by myself, in my home computer that was shared between me and my aunt Denise. I had a slow internet connection that was just enough to look for some documentation and tutorials on how to use the software.
I used to design business cards for small business and family friends until my 15th anniversary, where I started to gain interest for interactivity and decided to add programming to my learning path. HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then later some PHP and MySQL, WordPress, etc...
Now at my late 20’s I feel confident to work with the full Adobe Creative Cloud software package, including video and audio editing on After Effects, Premiere and Audition, coding websites with HTML5, CSS3, React, jQuery, PHP7, MySQL, and more. I can build WordPress themes from scratch or customize existing ones.
I also learned a lot about server management and Linux and I am completely capable of putting a web server online from scratch with Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or CentOS using a variety of possible stacks that range from Apache/PHP5.6/MySQL to NGINX/PHP7.2-FPM/MariaDB served over HTTP2.
In 2010 I started Art Generation Studios, a business that I had the pleasure to work for 6 years with my wife, a great business specialist. Since we are still young, we decided to sell our business and move abroad in a search for new experiences, work for another companies and improve our skillset.
During all this time I also studied Multimedia Production in SENAC University in Sao Paulo, where I had the opportunity to help my professors to teach my fellow student colleagues who were less experienced. Unfortunately I was working to grow my business in the middle of a economic crisis that still haunts Brazil and needed the cash more than a bachelor’s degree. I quit, but University made me gain interest for the teaching profession. Later when things calmed down and some free time came, I had the opportunity to give private classes. Still one of the times that I really enjoyed. Seeing people learn and evolve is truly amazing. I am still not sure if I'll focus on teaching people someday, it's just one of many ideas that I have for my future.
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